Navigating Digital Marketing in a Pandemic Economy

Business owners and consumers are experiencing an increasing state of unease and a lack of security as the pandemic continues on. It’s no secret the market has completely changed due to COVID-19. Although buying patterns and habits have changed, consumers need to feel reassured and understood now more than ever. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but business owners must be willing to adapt and meet the safety concerns of their customers. At the moment, the safest place to do business is online. So, why not implement a digital marketing campaign? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Optimize Your Website

In-store foot traffic has decreased dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. Many businesses rely on in-store contact with their consumers to keep up their sales. Although face-to-face sales may be slow to non-existent for most businesses, the opportunities in the online marketplace are endless. An online shopping experience begins and ends with your website. An updated and optimized website is crucial to a consumer’s buying journey. You will want to make sure your site is as fast as possible to avoid delays. It’s also important to update your landing page so that it matches your digital marketing efforts. Your digital advertisements will send consumers straight to your website, so remind them why they clicked on you in the first place!

Market Different Areas

Consumers have a lot more time on their hands while staying at home. They are consuming content at an incredibly high rate and across a range of different platforms. Consumers are either scrolling on Instagram, watching a YouTube video, or getting lost in the allure of TikTok. Rather than just sticking to a Google Search campaign, explore different options across all social media platforms. Experimenting with new digital marketing ideas early in your implementation will help you discover what resonates with your audience the most.

Create Valuable Content

Digital ads are full of generic pandemic-related messaging, and consumers can see right through it. In order to effectively connect with your audience, business owners need to personalize their messaging to address the problems their customers are facing. The pandemic has put a financial strain on many consumers, causing them to be more selective about where they spend their money. Rather than simply focusing your digital marketing to convert sales, consider using your business platform to build relationships with your audience and let them know you care. Advertising your community involvement, blog posts or at-home video content are great ways to get organic traffic to your website. Consumers want to feel like the businesses they support have their best interests in mind.

Although the fate of the pandemic is still uncertain, digital marketing doesn’t have to be. Experiment with new digital strategies and turn your online business around