How to use brand management techniques to create customer loyalty

In a world filled with colorful advertisements, one-click purchases, and personalized content, it can be hard to break through the clutter and reach customers with your authentic brand message. That’s why creating a solid brand management strategy can help cultivate long-term customer loyalty.

Here are three key aspects of managing your brand that can help keep your customers coming back for more:

The Value of Values

Increasingly, consumers want to know about the values of the brands they engage with. Whether a brand has a focus on status and luxury, the environment, or rugged adventure, allowing customers to understand the core beliefs you stand for and the experience they can expect with your brand creates stronger, more loyal relationships. Developing and adhering to strong brand guidelines that align with your company’s mission and vision can help create a consistent experience which helps support customer loyalty. In fact, Forbes notes that 64 percent of consumers say that values are an important part of their trusted relationship with a brand.

Give Your Customers a Front Row Seat

Consider the ways you can allow your customers to feel like they have a front row seat to your company. When customers feel a sense of belonging and engagement with your brand, they’re more likely to be happy, reliable customers. Positive interactions and updates, like special deals, new product launches, or major company milestones, can help customers feel involved with your company (which, in turn, can positively impact your bottom line). For increased access, you may also consider integrating unique customer perks that align with your brand strategy like ambassador programs, branded swag, or behind-the-scenes access, whether in person or digitally.

Play to your Strengths (and Admit When you Fail)

Part of managing your brand is understanding – and playing up – your brand’s distinct characteristics. That way, when customers need the experience you offer, they know exactly where to turn. Conversely, if you don’t live up to your brand standards, admit it. More than half of U.S. shoppers would not return to a brand based on just one bad experience. By investing in brand management tactics that help reduce the likelihood of negative experiences, and having brand-aligned strategies to mitigate those negative experiences when they do happen, you will have critical tools at your disposal to cultivate and keep a loyal customer base.

The lesson is that brand management matters. Creating a system to sustain a values-focused, transparent, consistent brand can help your customers know what to expect and ensure they feel committed to your brand.